Blackjack in India

An important tip is to always have a clear strategy!


Playing blackjack is not that hard as there are very few phases of play in an average game of blackjack.


Blackjack Strategies

Most people assume that blackjack is largely a mathematical game, this is not necessarily true.


Blackjack Rules

While the game might seem complicated to play from an observer’s standpoint, the rules are quite easy.


Blackjack responsibly

One of the most important rules regarding any form of gambling is not to gamble any funds that had been budgeted for other purposes


Are you a casino enthusiast?

If you are a casino enthusiast, even at a casual level, then you must have encountered blackjack before. It is the most popular card game in casinos the world over. If played correctly, then you always stand the chance of going back home much richer than when you entered the casino, whether you are playing in an actual casino or on online. What makes blackjack so appealing is the fact that its outcome is not purely based on luck. With the right strategies and appropriate risk taking, you can be successful at blackjack. Read more...

This is why we created, to provide more information about the strategies that can help you at blackjack. Blackjackraja was created by a group of avid blackjack players who have enjoyed success on the casino floor for years. As the founders, we remember how difficult (and expensive) it was to learn the winning strategies to blackjack. Most accomplished blackjack players, including us, never had an accessible resource from which they could learn how to play the game. Unlike most casino card games, at blackjack you are not playing against your fellow gamblers; you are playing against the house, which is represented by the dealer. This is what makes it particularly rewarding when you walk away with a big win. This non-confrontational aspect of the game is what makes it so popular in casinos. It is also what makes it important to understand how to win, since your opponent is an experienced dealer that will exploit any weaknesses that you may exhibit. While this resource is mostly aimed towards new blackjack players, it can also be used by more experienced players to refine their skills. What this site will be mostly focused on is learning about the rules of the game and what options the player has during each phase of play. Winning any casino games (especially card based ones) depends on how you understand the options that you have during each play. Apart from understanding the basic rules of the game, this site will also provide you with game strategies that you can leverage to win at blackjack. It is important to note at this point that there are no guaranteed ways to win at gambling. Even games like blackjack which require some skill to play still feature a significant element of chance in the gameplay. Even the best strategy will not sufficiently help your game if you are dealt rotten cards. But with the right strategies, you can end up winning more games that you lose, and this is a win in anybody’s book. With casino and online gambling becoming increasingly popular within India, we will also be on the lookout for the best gambling spots that offer good blackjack experiences. This is regarding the specific house rules, additional payout options and a safe gambling space. As self-appointed industry veterans, we know how to scope out casinos that offer blackjack and determine which ones would suit you, as a player. Some venues are good for beginners, while others cater to more seasoned players. Basically, blackjackraja is your one-stop shop for tips, strategies, and news regarding playing blackjack or any online casino games in India.